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The French form of the city name is Gothembourg, but in French texts, the Swedish name Göteborg is more frequent.

The city was heavily influenced by the Dutch, Germans, and Scots, and Dutch planners and engineers were contracted to construct the city as they had the skills needed to drain and build in the marshy areas chosen for the city.At a key strategic location at the mouth of the Göta älv, where Scandinavia's largest drainage basin enters the sea, the Port of Gothenburg is now the largest port in the Nordic countries.The original, parent Volvo Group and the now separate Volvo Car Corporation are still headquartered on the island of Hisingen in the city. Gothenburg is served by Göteborg Landvetter Airport 30 km (18.64 mi) southeast of the city center.Göta borg "Gothia Fortress" is the fort on the Göta Älv, built to protect the port.In Dutch, Scots, and English, all languages with a long history in this trade and maritime-oriented city, the name Gothenburg is used for the city.

Gratis dating sider Frederikshavn

The work started in 1810, and was carried out by 150 soldiers from the Bohus regiment.In the Treaty of Roskilde (1658), Denmark–Norway ceded the then Danish province Halland, in the south, and the Norwegian province of Bohus County or Bohuslän in the north, leaving Gothenburg less exposed.From left to right: First row: Göta älv with Barken Viking to the left. Third row: Poseidon at Götaplatsen and Gothia Towers including Svenska Mässan. dating portale vergleich Kiel 4th row: Gothenburg heritage tram and Elfsborg Fortress. is the second-largest city in Sweden and the fifth-largest in the Nordic countries.The Gothenburg Film Festival, held in January since 1979, is the leading Scandinavian film festival with over 155,000 visitors each year.

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