Karishma tanna dating bappa lahiri

Assessing a common situation from a different angle has been the USP of his work. One needs to find a field that one enjoys in." "I didn't continue in the government job.

Being in this field, I never felt that I am working.

Usha Sharma, the leading lady of Chandrawal, calls the shots.

She handles the creative department and is the producer for the sequel.

Trouble calculating the household budget when office demands you count turnovers?Chandrawal 2 has Shikha Mehra from Bhiwani and Kuldeep Rathi from Sonepat in the lead roles. Flirten als frau mit frau "I have lived on the stories of Chandrawal and the magic that it created," shares Shikha, who feels it is a challenge to play the lead.Chandrawal 2 boasts of changing the face of Haryanavi cinema.The cast and crew can hardly hold their excitement on the first day of the shoot.

Karishma tanna dating bappa lahiri

She is like a connecting bridge between the old and the new."Prabhakar Films is making a comeback with Chandrawal 2.The film is being directed by Dinesh Tundwal, but I will work from behind as someone who will see that the movie justifies Chandrawal, and it doesn't look out of the place. Frauen aus osteuropa kennenlernen The entire set up is new, including the star cast, which is a positive thing for the film." Nishant and Pooja Prabhakar, working as co-producer and associate director, respectively, of the film, are people who have heard of the success of Chandrawal from fans and their parents.Next was Ulta Pulta, followed by Flop Show that got him wide recognition.

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Bhatti ventured into film-making next and his Mahaul Theek Hai was a hit.

His mass appeal as satirist has earned him the role of brand icon for Election Commission of India for Punjab Assembly Elections 2012.

This PEC graduate (yes, in electrical engineering), Bhatti joined the Punjab government to begin with, but found his calling in the entertainment world.

I have worked two days in a row and never got tired for I love it so much." "Others might have a different take on it, but I believe the support of family goes a long way in ensuring one's success.

For me it has been crucial to have my parents, wife as well as children around me." Humour has been my field; I made a small beginning with the Nonsense Club. Though it's not paying in material terms, still we ensure that we do something or the other and pick up recent issues like corruption, price hike or the drying Sukhna. Newness, innovation, experimentation are required if one wants to excel in any field." Bhatti still gets enthused by a new camera and new techniques!

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