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Although there is no documentary evidence to confirm the fact, many locals claim this parliament met in the "Stonehouse".During the era of witch hunts, the Leonberg governor Lutherus Einhorn sent 15 women to trial under suspicion of witchcraft.After the rise of the Nazis in 1933, a number of bloody street battles were fought between stormtrooper (Sturmabteilung) followers, mostly backed by residents from Leonberg who attacked supporters of the German communist party, mainly resident in Eltingen.

One of the most famous Württemberg witch trials in Leonberg took place in 1615 and involved Katharina Kepler, mother of the royal astronomer Johannes Kepler.Leonberg merged with the neighbouring town of Eltingen in 1938 which now flows seamlessly into the former old town.Administrative reforms in 1975 also resulted in the districts of Gebersheim, Höfingen and Warmbronn becoming part of Leonberg.Kepler's mother was nearly tortured to death in the cellars of the "Stonehouse" before being transferred to Güglingen where she was subsequently released in October 1620.In 1846 the Leonberger dog breed was first successfully registered and named after the town.

Singletreff leonberg

Three stories high, it is one of the largest and oldest original timber gable roofs in southern Germany.A great fire swept through the town in 1498, destroying 46 houses and making around 200 people homeless. During the Holy Roman Empire, Leonberg fell under the jurisdiction of Esslingen before finally becoming part of Württemberg in 1383 when it first gained administrative rights.Leonberg is a town in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg about 16 kilometres (10 miles) to the west of Stuttgart, the state capital. Laufende kosten single Approximately 45,000 people live in Leonberg, making it the third biggest borough in the rural district ('Landkreis') of Böblingen (after Sindelfingen and Böblingen to the south).The Glems flows into Leonberg from the southeast before turning north west until it reaches the district of Eltingen.

Here it turns northeast into the western part of the old town, carving its way along the valley to the district of Höfingen before flowing northeast towards Ditzingen.

Later the same year the Engelberg tunnel - Germany's first motorway tunnel - was completed.

During the Second World War the Engelberg tunnel was used regularly for producing and storing aeroplane parts made by concentration camp prisoners held in Leonberg concentration camp, an outlying camp belonging to Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp in Alsace.

The old tunnel was replaced by a new tunnel in the 1990s.

Above the tunnel there now stands a memorial to the people who died in Leonberg concentration camp.

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